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North China (Region)

Northern China or North China (simplified Chinese: 华北; traditional Chinese: 華北;pinyin: Huáběi; literally “China’s north”) is one of the seven major geographical regions in China divided by both physical and human characteristics. North China consists of 2 provinces (Shanxi, Hebei), 2 municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin) and 1 Autonomous Region (Inner Mongolia).

Top 8 Beijing Roast Duck Brands

Talking about Beijing cuisine, everyone would first mention the Beijing Duck ! It is the chief representative of the Beijing cuisine. Beijing roast duck has its long history, unique baking process, mellow color and taste. The diverse range of brands has not only contributed to Beijing’s most famous specialties, but also represents inherent essence of the traditional food culture of China. Here we will introduce to you the Top 8 Beijing Roast Duck Brands, you will enjoy the most distinctive taste of authentic Beijing style roast duck by visiting the outlets under these branded restaurants.

The first Starbucks store in mainland of China closed in Beijing due to unaffordable high rental

According to Voice of the Economy “World Finance” report, due to unaffordable high rental a Starbucks outlet located in the ground floor of the Beijing China World Shopping Mall has officially closed recently. This Starbucks outlet was established in January 1999, the first Starbucks store set up in Mainland of China. The location is in Beijing’s most bustling commercial center.