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Joke: Study hard!

My son was preparing the third grade final exam. One day I said to him: “study hard, and have a promising future!” The boy actually replied to me: “Dad, work hard, then I can be second generation of rich and no need to study hard! I was speechless!

Joke: The ladies’ room

One of our friends was drunk, mistakenly entered the ladies’ room. We waited outside and wanted to make ​​fun of him. Twenty minutes passed, he was still not coming out. Then several of us went into the ladies’ room, only to find the guy who was smoking a cigarette and said: “I know I entered the wrong washing room; now you are all in, let’s get out of here together!”

2013 college entrance examination: Tom and Jerry

In 2013 college entrance examination, Shandong Province’s English composition was about a letter from from Li Hua to Tom enquiring about the plan for summer holiday. Just about five minutes away from deadline, a bro hit the table and roared: “Tom, you can’t even catch a mouse, now you mind your brother Hua’s business?”

Joke: car sickness of driver

A girl took a taxi and sat in the back. When the taxi was started, she immediately took out a piece of durian and started the eating. The driver was very nice; he endured the unpleasant odor during the whole way and did not speak. When the taxi reached the destination, the driver felt stomach discomfort, quickly get off and started the vomiting… The girl was surprised and asked ”Do you drivers also have car sickness, ah?”

Joke: Parent-teacher conference

A student requested to bring the parents. At noon, he found an old man.
In the office the student said: “Teacher, this is my grandfather!” He was beat by the teacher decisively.
The teacher said while beating the student up: “This is my dad!”
The old man pulled the teacher over: “Stop the beat, I charged him 20 yuan ……”

Joke: Hire A Pretend Girlfriend

A man is 27 old, he is under the family pressure to get married. He has no choice but asks a female colleague to come home together for dinner, pretending the girlfriend of him. On that day, his mother gives directly an ancestral gold bracelet to his female colleague as a gift; on the next day his mother even buys another gold necklace for the female colleague. Now the girl is considering whether or not to get married with the man in reality……