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Jackie Chan intends to donate six ancient buildings to Beijing

In April this year, Jackie Chan announced in his microblogging that he will donate his collection of four Anhui ancient architectures to a university in Singapore which caused media attention. Recently, media reports said that Jackie Chan’s other Anhui ancient style architectures may be settled in Beijing, Jackie Chan responded that in a tv program “News 1 +1”, that the matter was still under negotiation, probably 6 will be located in Beijing, to build a “Jackie Chan Peace Garden.

Summer Palace loss cultural relics: rat head and rabbit head will be returned by Pinault family

Today Song Xinchao (State Administration of Cultural Heritage Deputy Director) and Duan Yong (Museums and Social Heritage Secretary) met with the French PPR Group Chairman and CEO François-Henri Pinault. Mr. Pino representing the Pinault family said that the two bronze sculptures (rat head and rabbit head) which are the part of the Yuanmingyuan relics will be donated to the Chinese government. The Chinese side spoke positively of the move, and considered this as complied with the principles and spirit of the International Convention on protection of cultural heritage. This move showed hospitality to the Chinese people, and set a good example for the future return of more heritages loss oversea.