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The Chinese way to turn desert into fertile land

Experts said cadmium in rice does not mean excessive heavy metal in soil

Consolidated Report by According to the Xiaoxiang Morning News, on 13 July the “Soil pollution and food safety special forum” was held in Changsha City Library. Researcher of Guangdong Institute of Eco-environment and Soil Sciences, Dr. Chen Shineng analyzed that cadmium-tainted rice is not equal to soil pollution, a lot of nitrogen fertilizer, acid rain, rice, soil pollution, can all lead to the result of cadmium-tainted rice. “Cadmium rice production does not mean excessive heavy metals in soil; and it does not mean high concentrations of cadmium in soil” Chen also said that according to the study, acidic soils in southern China is easier for the soil to intake cadmium.

The PX project protest in China

PX project is also referred as para-xylene chemical project. The Chinese scientific name is “对二甲苯”. It is liquid, colorless, transparent and fragrant aromatic compounds. PX (paraxylene) is raw material in the production of plastics, polyester fibers and films. In China, a series of protests were held because people believe that PX project will not only cause environmental pollution, but also PX itself is carcinogenic and may seriously endanger human health and lead to cancer.