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Total quality management in Chinese companies

1.0 Introduction

There are so many excellent management fashions enjoying the fame and popularity for a long time. And in this essay, we’ll have a discussion on three management theory such as the theories x, y, z, the one minute manager and the total quality management on the basis of several examples of Chinese companies such as Wenan Investment Consulting Co., Ltd, Herborist Cosmetic Company and Dicos in China.

Analysis of Hooters chain restaurants in China using theories X, Y and Z

Management Theory & Practice

1.0 Introduction

There are a great many fads of management during the past 50 years. And different schools hold different perspectives on the issue of quick fixes and new techniques of management solution can work permanently. And many people also agree the idea that it is a must for managers to apply modern ideas and technology to face the challenges of continuous improvement and changes in the uncertain world.