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Russian police said three Chinese woman killed and burned in Russia’s Siberia

According to Russian media report on the 16th May, the police station of Khakassia Republic  on May 15 received a Chinese woman report regarding the missing of her three compatriots. Police found three charred bodies near fields in the Red Lake Village on that evening, and initially determined that they were the missing three Chinese women.

What is Guo Meimei (郭美美) event? Updated development of Guo Meimei (郭美美) event

The so-called “Guo Meimei Event” started from the Sina microblogging in 2011 as a girl nicknamed as “Guo Meimei Baby” under real-name authentication as a commercial general manager of the Chinese Red Cross showed off her wealth in the microblogging.  ‘Guo Meimei Baby’ posted photos indicating that she lived in a large villa, owned a Maserati sports car, as well as a dozen designer handbags. A following survey showed that 82% of respondents said that they will not contribute to the Chinese Red Cross any more.
GuoMeiMei event1
In July 2012, the investigation by the Beijing police over the Guo Meimei event found out that the wealth of Guo Meimei was not directly associated with the Red Cross of China. But still this event caused a serious public trust crisis of the Chinese Red Cross which seems to continue today.