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10 Reasons Why China is Successful and Efficient

“Made in China” really doesn’t mean what it used to be, quality of Chinese-made products is rising fast. In addition, China is moving very fast in technological innovation. For example, in the past five years, China saw a rapid growth in its IP (invention patent) community, reflected by its innovative companies and the whole society, according to WIPO report ( 2015). Since opening up its economy and market in the 1980s, China has been successful in growing its economy and utilizing its demographic bonus efficiently.

Why Chinese consumers will continue to surprise the world

China has a great consumer market. But still recently it is not easy for people to ignore the news about a slow-growth dilemma that China seems to be heading into. What is actually happening is that the consumer wealth and spending in China will keep growing rapidly. Those who are pessimistic about economic significance and position of China, they are seeing the performance of the Chinese market from an incorrect perspective.
chinese consumers
Figure 1.0 Chinese consumers love shopping overseas

Why China Is Shaking the World

China’s continual slowing economic growth seems to be an inevitable trend, a difficult position that fears the world. The concern among the international investors is that the second largest economy and world’s long trustworthy growth engine may stop contributing its significant part to the global economic growth. This fear is intensified by the oil-price slump, subdued economic expansion in Eurozone as well as other geopolitical worries.

New Year’s Eve Stampede in Shanghai (2014)

December 31, 2014, a stampede occurred around 11:35pm in Chen Yi Square when the boundless huge crowd gathered along the historic Bund area to watch the countdown to New Year 2015. The stampede caused a killing of 36 with 47 more injured (China National Radio news 2014). The majority of the deceased were around 20 years old including college students and children, the youngest one was only 12-year-old.

Shocking Camel Cruelty Exposed In China

In a recent time, a number of photos showing camel cruelty in the streets have been released on the internet. In the photos, camels had been amputated and used for money begging. Many netizens strongly condemn the behaviour, they urged the authorities to rescue the camels and punish those behind the animal cruelty. While it’s well-known that organised groups are usually behind the business of begging in China which also engage in human trafficking, a rational explanation to the recent camel cruelty exposed could be that amputated camels has been used as a way to promote the begging business.

A 5-year-old boy fell on a pencil which penetrated 6 cm into the left eye

2014-01-10 08.47.05
Around 10 A.M. yesterday, an incident occured in a kindergarten in Suzhou in which a 5 -year-old boy fell to the ground during break-time and a pencil deeply penetrated his face in the bridge of the nose next to his left eye. The boy was immediately sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of SuZhou University by the teacher for treatment. It was estimated by the doctor that about a part (6 centimeters) of the pencil was inside the boy’s face and even part of which penetrated into his brain. The doctors held a consultation and decided to go for craniotomy. Around 9 P.M last night, it was learned from the hospital that the operation was successful but the extent of damage to his left eye is yet to be examined further according to the experts.

Four cases of human infection with H7N9 found within five days in Guangdong Province

On December 19, one case of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza was confirmed in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province. The male patient, 38 years old, is currently in critical condition. This is the fourth case of human infection with H7N9 within the last five days in Guangdong Province. As of the 19th December, there are six cases regarding human infection with H7N9 bird flu in the Guangdong Province, including one case in Shenzhen City, one case in Huizhou City, two cases in Dongguan City and two cases in Yangjiang City.