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Chinese tourists per capita consumption in the US ranked first: Known as walking wallet

Now, in the eyes of U.S. businesses, Chinese tourists are the most popular; they traveled to the United States for generous spending. According to the latest official data, last year nearly 1.1 million Chinese tourists visited the US, the growth rate was ranked the first among the top ten source markets; Chinese tourists’ per capita consumption was up to $ 7,000 which was also ranked the first in all overseas visitors, $2,500 more than the Japanese tourists who were ranked the second place.

Four girls invited visitors to write “XXX paid a visit here” on their back

In a scenic site of Luoyang, Henan Province, four young girls wearing only underwear invited visitors to sign “XXX paid a visit” on their body triggering attention from a large number of tourists. Relevant responsible person of the scenic site said, “the move put the scenic management into an awkward position, but it also brings reflection, we will soon set up a special area for tourists to leave some words.”

China has become the third largest source of tourism for Los Angeles

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Bureau Ernest Wooden said in an interview with reporters that China has become the third largest source of tourism for Los Angeles. Data show that last year, the number of China’s tourist traveled to Los Angeles wad nearly 460,000, while it was only only 110,000 five years ago, it is expected by the end of this year, the number if Chinese tourists traveling in the city will reach 520,000. Los Angeles Tourism Bureau has launched discount card for Chinese tourists for shopping. The U.S. Travel Association also strives to foster multiple entry visas within five years for Chinese tourists to facilitate more Chinese tourists to travel to the United States.

The domestic departure process in mainland China (Chinese airports)

Travelers should arrive at the airport within the time limit prescribed by airlines, proceed the baggage check-in and boarding pass procedures on time and with the ticket and their valid documents showing identity (ID card or passport). Deadline of domestic flights check-in procedures is 30 minutes before scheduled departure time, deadline of major large-scaled airports is 45 minutes, but deadline of some airports may be one hour or longer. The deadline for international flight check-in procedures is three hours before scheduled departure time. (International flights involve handling of other formalities required by the government). The specific deadline shall to be referred to the statement made on the passenger ticket.

Wang Yang: Partial tourists’ behaviors are detrimental to the impression of Chinese tourists

The State Council today held a teleconference on the implementation of the Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China. Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council at the meeting that some Chinese tourists exhibited uncivilized behaviors which were criticized by the foreign media, and thus image of Chinese people had been damaged. The Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China puts forward specific demands of civilized behaviors of tourists, made prohibitions of uncivilized behaviors.