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The first Starbucks store in mainland of China closed in Beijing due to unaffordable high rental

According to Voice of the Economy “World Finance” report, due to unaffordable high rental a Starbucks outlet located in the ground floor of the Beijing China World Shopping Mall has officially closed recently. This Starbucks outlet was established in January 1999, the first Starbucks store set up in Mainland of China. The location is in Beijing’s most bustling commercial center.

Mengniu acquired Ashley with a HKD 12.46 billion deal

Mengniu Dairy announced today that it has made a full purchase of Ashley Dairy, the agreed price is HKD 3.50 per share, a premium of approximately 9.4% compared to Ashley’s closing price of HK $ 3.2 per share on June 11. The total cost of the deal is HKD 12.46 billion. This is the biggest acquisition in the domestic milk industry in recent years.

A red goldfish found in in 600ml Pepsi in Xi’an, Shannxi Province

gold fish in pepsi
On the afternoon of June 4, Ms. Wen bought two bottles of 600ml Pepsi from the RenRenLe Supermarket. On the way home, where she opened a bottle and took a sip of it, then she found a red floating object which turned out to be a red goldfish after careful identification. Knowing this, Ms. Wen felt sick and split out all in her mouth.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Ms. Wen’s home and saw the Pepsi bottle with production date of April 22, 2013. The 6 to 7 cm long, 3 to 4 cm wide red goldfish’s body was floting within the bottle.