CAAC: Baggage allowances and size limits of China flights

The weight of each checked baggage must not exceed 50 kg, the size limit is 40 * 60 * 100 cm, for baggage exceeding the above baggage limit will be subject to the prior consent of the airline. Hand carry luggage weight shall not be more than 10 kg, the volume shall not exceed 20 * 40 * 55 cm for each. In respect of the weight of carry-on items, each passenger’s carriage is limited to 5 kg.

First class passengers can carry two items per person. The volume of each hand-carry item shall not exceed 20 * 40 * 55 cm. For items exceeding the weight limit of carry-on items, they should be accepted as checked baggage. The detailed provisions of the baggage on international flights may vary from different airlines.
Each passenger’s free baggage allowance (including checked and hand carry luggage): first class passengers (adult or child)  free baggage allowance is 40 kg; Business Class travelers’ free baggage allowance is 30 kg; Economy class passengers’ free baggage allowance is 20 kg. Baby travelers are not entitled with free baggage allowance. 

In respect of excess baggage fees for excess baggage for domestic flights, excess baggage would be charged at 1.5% of the economy fare per kg. For international flights, excess baggage rates and calculation methods are not the same and vary according to different airlines.

Source: Civil Aviation Administration of China

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