Bureau of Statistics: the average annual salary was 28,752 yuan (US $ 4,600) in the private sector in 2012, 14% real growth

The National Bureau of Statistics released today released the data showing that in 2012 the average annual wage of the urban employees in the private sector was 28,752 yuan (US $ 4,600) an increase of 4,196 yuan and a year-on-year increase of 17.1% in nominal terms compared to 2011; after deducting price factors, the actual increase rate was 14.0 %.

In the four regions of China, i.e. east, west, northeast and central China, the average annual wage were 31,579 yuan, 26,252 yuan, 25,162 yuan and 23,761 yuan respectively; nominal year-on-year growth rates were:

17.8% for the Eastern China;
17.7% for Western China;
14.9% for Central China; and
14.3% for Northeastern China.

In the sub-sectors view, the three industries with the highest average annual wage in 2012 were information transmission, software, and information technology services, the annual salary was 39,518 yuan, 1.37 times of the national average; annual salary in scientific research, technical services was 36,598 yuan, 1.27 times of the national average; financial sector (mainly insurance agency, pawn shops and investment consulting firm) enjoyed an annual salary of 32,696 yuan, 1.14 times of the national average. The lowest average annual wage was found in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, the 21,973 yuan annual salary was 76% of the national average.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics, ChinaNews

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