Budget Airline

A Chinese old woman had never flied with a low cost airline, thus she dialed the hotline of a budget airline and enquired about what differences she would expect for her first trial.

“I heard the baggage is not free, is it true?” The woman asked the customer service agent.

“You are right, Miss Xxx, Any checked-in luggage is subject to additional charges depending on the weight. But we do offer up to 7kg free hand carried luggage.”

“What about food?”

“It charges as well, hot dog is priced at…”

“Can I just have some water”

“Yes, but we have only mineral water which is chargeable as well…as a matter of fact, seat selection and also insurance are all optional for purchasing”.

The woman was confused, after a moment of silence, she spoke again:
“What about using the toilet?”


Background info:
Strictly speaking, there is still no budget airline in China. On the other hand, quite a lot of public toilets in China are still chargeable which attracts wide complaints.

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