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不 (Chinese PinYin: [bù]; traditional Chinese:不) may mean: (1) adv. not; (2) adv. no matter; (3) adv. no; (4) adv. used to indicate question; (5) adv. either … or …; (6) adv. used to indicate that sth. is not achieved. It is one of the most frequently used Chinese characters and can combine with other characters to form various phrases and expressions such as: 不对 (wrong), 不错 (not bad), 不是 (no), 不安 (unstable; uneasy), 不必 (not necessarily), 不变 (be unchanged), 不顾 (disregard), 不管 (regardless of).

1. How to pronounce 不?

Chinese Pinyin: [bù]

Pronunciation examples: Please click to play the below audio.

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2. Synonyms And Antonyms of 不

Synonyms: 否

Antonyms: 是

3. What are the fixed expression, collocation and idioms that contains 不

Fixed expression: 不对 (wrong), 不错 (not bad), 不是 (no), 不安 (unstable; uneasy), 不必 (not necessarily), 不变 (be unchanged), 不便 (inconvenient), 不才 (incapable), 不测 (unexpected), 不曾 (never), 不成文 (unwritten), 不齿 (hold in contempt), 不但 (not only), 不当 (inappropriate), 不倒翁 (tumbler), 不道德 (immoral), 不得已 (imperative), 不等号 (unequal sign), 不动产 (real estate), 不菲 (expensive), 不服 (defy), 不敢 (not dare), 不公 (unfair), 不苟 (careful), 不够 (be insufficient), 不顾 (disregard), 不管 (regardless of), 不光 (not only), 不规则 (random), 不轨 (against the law), 不过 (but), 不见不散 (not leave without seeing each other), 不见得 (not necessarily), 不仅 (not the only one), 不禁 (cannot help doing), 不景气 (depressed), 不敬 (disrespect), 不久 (soon), 不拘 (not confine oneself to),

Collocation: 不比不知道,一比吓一跳 (if you don’t make comparisons then you don’t know, but once you do, prepare for a shock), 交通不便 (have poor transport facilities), 不承认主义 (policy of non-recognition), 不打不成器 (spare the rod and spoil the child), 不打不相识 (out of blows friendship grows), 不单 (not the only one), 不到黄河心不死 (not stop until all hope is gone), 不到家 (not up to scratch), 不到长城非好汉 (one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero), 不得不 (have no choice but to), 不得劲 (awkward), 不得了 (terrible), 不对劲 (awkward), 不发达 (underdeveloped), 不妨 (might as well), 不敢当 (I really don’t deserve this), 不管三七二十一 (throw caution to the wind), 不见棺材不落泪 (remain unconvinced until faced with grim reality),

Idioms: 不安本分 (be dissatisfied with one’s post), 不白之冤 (a gross injustice), 不败之地 (invincible position), 不卑不亢 (be neither haughty nor humble), 不成功,便成仁 (fight to win or die in the process), 不成体统 (most improper), 不耻下问 (not feel ashamed to consult one’s subordinates), 不出所料 (as expected), 不打自招 (confess without being tortured), 不得而知 (be unable to find out), 不得人心 (do not enjoy wide support), 不得要领 (fail to get the point), 不得已而求其次 (have to be content with the second best), 不动声色 (maintain one’s composure), 不费吹灰之力 (without the slightest effort), 不分胜负 (tie), 不孚众望 (not inspire popular confidence), 不负众望 (live up to popular expectations), 不甘示弱 (refuse to be outdone), 不攻自破 (collapse of itself), 不共戴天 (absolutely irreconcilable), 不苟言笑 (be of a serious disposition), 不近人情 (be devoid of human feeling), 不进则退 (move forward, or you’ll fall behind), 不胫而走 (spread like wildfire), 不拘小节 (not care about small things), 不自量力 (overrate one’s abilities),

Terminologies: 不冻港 (ice-free port), 不干胶 (non-drying adhesive),

4. How to use 不 in a sentence?

Below are some example sentences and quotes containing 不.

4.1 把玩这些核桃可不是一般人能玩的.

Translation: Playing with these kinds of walnuts isn’t for ordinary people.

4.2 我跟奥利弗说:“你他妈的清楚我们不会这么做。

Translation: I told Oliver, “You know damn well we wouldn’t do that.

4.3 不过最出彩的表演来自饰演爱尔兰扛把子的保罗·纽曼,一个和蔼但令人生畏的人。

Translation: But it was galvanised by one last, blistering performance from Newman as an Irish-Catholic mob boss – a man at once kindly, protective and terrifying.

4.4 “我不会改变我的生活,我的生活还好”,副歌部分唱道

Translation: “I won’t change my life, my life’s just fine,” the chorus runs.

4.5 很多这样的年轻人都因为找不到合适的结婚对象,而宣称加入‘屌丝一族’。

Translation: Many of those young men claim to be diaosi (losers), since they can’t find a proper woman to marry.

4.6 自1977年首映以来,《星球大战》几乎渗入到每一种亚文化之中,蒸汽朋克也不例外。

Translation: Star Wars has leaked into nearly every subculture since its premiere in 1977, and steampunk is no exception.

4.7 庆祝纸婚, 用心的礼物是必不可少的.

Translation: Heartfelt paper anniversary gifts are a must have when celebrating the first year of marriage.

4.8 总统说他们不再有理由吐槽。

Translation: The president says they no longer have reason to complain.

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