A boy suffered from temporary blindness due to long-term fictions reading on bed using mobile phone

A boy suffered from temporary blindness
Eyes got pain and tearing with time by time temporary blindness phenomenon, Miss Xu recently discovered his son’s eyes got some problems and immediately took his son to the hospital and finding out that it was due to his long-term fictions reading on bed using mobile phone.

Ms. Xu told reporters that the son, Meng, is studying in a key middle school in Shapingba, and from primary to secondary school his son has been among the best in study. Recently, she found Meng Tao was like a changed man, every day got up with yawns, and did not seem to wake up easily. When asked the reason, he explained that he was just a little tired in learning.

Last night after school Meng told her that he felt  some pain in his eyes, especially at doing night homework, eyes will tear and sometimes the eyes suffered from temporary blindness, and the pain had emerged for as long as six months.

The next day, Ms. Xu quickly sent him to the community hospital for examination, and was informed that it was caused by overuse leading to a sudden illness.

Professor Yong from Southwest Hospital,said, reading novels with a mobile phone and other digital products brought great hazard to the eyes, it prone to problems such as poor vision, and will therefore lead to blindness. He suggested once children have decreased vision, aching eyes, parents shall not blindly consider that vision could be restored automatically, they need to go to the hospital to receive scientific treatment program.

Source: 重庆商报(Chongqing Business Post)

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