Both production and capital market opportunities convert dollars today into dollars tomorrow

Finance assignment

Discuss “both production and capital market opportunities enable the individual to convert dollars today into dollars tomorrow” 

It is so necessary for individuals to understand the importance of seizing these opportunities offered by the production and capital market for us to improve our fortune.

For individual players, it is so necessary to catch opportunities from this kind of market. First, individuals can get benefits from the company shares, funds and other kinds of forms they choose to invest which is a fast way to increase their fortune. Second, the key for success to gain more profit from this market is to choose the better way to invest from some many choices which are seemed all attractive. Hence, it requires the relatively objective understanding and analysis from individuals on both the present, current and the future economy or financial situation of these products, they prefer to invest. (Buchanana, Gordonc & Philip 2011). Therefore, the statement in this question is reasonable from our view-point.

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