Birds nest in a student’ trousers in Hunan Province

May 12, Yang Kang in the school of Hunan Institute of Engineering sent out a microblogging message along with a picture taken by his cell phone showing a nest rested in a trousers. In the afternoon, reporter contacted Yang, but the nest had been removed and the nest resting pants had been washed again. However, from Yang Kang photos, we can clearly see that with a pinch of dark yellow grass resting in a mast jeans around the belts position, each of the grass weaved together to form a nest.

“In the past we often saw sparrows spinning on the balcony, I did not expect that they will come here to take the nest.” Yang and his roommate Wang the pants owner lived in the room. It is learnt that the pants had been hanging in the balcony for two or three months. “Maybe pants had been hanging in the balcony for too long that the bird considered it as a good nest location, thus home on my roommate’s pants. ”

Source: Xiangtan Evening Post (湘潭晚报)

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