Bikini Beijing Opera, “it is losing face (disgraced)” some believed

 bikini opera

According to the Chonaqing Morning Post, “Miss Bikini International” recently is widely concerned regarding the players’ dressing in a bikini with traditional Chinese opera features shown in the above photos which have been widely shared. Some netizens said that this spoil the quintessence of the Chinese culture, some viewed it as innovation.

Executive Chairman of the organizing committee of the Miss Bikini International, Chairman Li Yulong in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency said, “this groups of photos were taken on a press release held in April this year, performances are previous winners.”

Li Yulong clarified that this widely discussed “Peking Opera” headdress belonged was created by the organizers, and it was not seeking to imitate the shape of the opera and was just a free expression of the traditional Chinese theater culture.

Peking Opera costumes and fashion bikini are put together. Some are questioning whether it will be the embarrassment of the opera or the honor of bikini. Many netizens commented with a sigh: “Well, don’t pollute the quintessence of Chinese culture! We can’t afford to lose face! (to be disgraced)”

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