Beijing University and Qing Hua University reduced the size of planned new students enrollment in Beijing

According to the 2013 Higher Education Institution Enrollment Category of Beijing, major local universities such as Qing Hua University, Beijing University and Renmjn University have reduced the size of new student enrollment from Beijing in 2013. Among them,

Qing Hua University: reduced by 3;
Beijing University: reduced by 20; &
Renmjn University: reduced by 24.
Beijing Normal University: no change.

According to the source of insiders, due to the further reduction of size of the students attending the national higher education entry test, the Ministry of Education insisted on the reduction of new enrollment of local students of these famous universities in Beijing. In 2013, size of the Beijing local students attending the national higher education entry test is 72,736.

But the planned size of new student enrollment will not be the same as the actual number. Based in the previous years’ data, enrollment plans tended to be changing but actual numbers seemed to be stable. For instance, in 2012 Beijing University planned to enroll 246 new students from Beijjng City but finally enrolled 368 making the quota limit approved by the Ministry of Education meaningless to some degree.

Source/reference: Beijjng News(新京报)

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