Beautiful female doctoral student challenged the traditional thinking

wang yin
In many people’s impression, doctoral students tend to be ugly with strange temper. Recently, a well-known technology website launched to find the most beautiful women doctors to challenge people’s prejudices. Because the submission of the three photos taken during three different phases, i.e. bachalor degree, mater degree and doctorial degree, Anhui Medical University student Wang Ying became popular in a sudden. With short haircut, lovely black-rimmed glasses, many people exclaimed that “women doctoral students can be so beautiful.”

There is a joke telling that, there are three types of people in the world, men, women and women doctoral students.” Wang Ying said with a smile that she will be entering the third category as a few days ago, Wang Ying was notified that in July this year she will be publicly sent to Australia to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Because of the three photos, Wang Ying suddenly get a lot of people’s attention, this prospective doctoral student who was born in 1987 could not help but feel “so unexpected.”

“We mistakenly think that a lot of Dr. girls will become very ugly and very old, and cannot get married, in fact, it is really not the case. A lot of my sisters are very beautiful, fashionable which is not conflicting with academic research. ” Wang said by answering phone call from reporter yesterday morning when she was still preparing master’s thesis.

Source: 扬子晚报(Yangzi Evening News)

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