Barbie Hsu showed up in Beijing and expressed strong will to have a baby

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After the marriage break Barbie Hsu yesterday showed up in Beijing for endorsement of tea drinks, her husband Wang XiaoFei, friend Tsai Kang-yung also cam to site to support her. She expressed that currently she really love to have a baby.

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Profile of Wang XiaoFei (Barbie Hsu’s husband)

wang xiaofei

Wang XiaoFei was born on June 28, 1981 in Beijing, the current president of South Beauty Group. By the end of 2010 he and Taiwan artists Barbie Hsu (徐熙, Big S) got engaged which surprised the entertainment circle. And on November 16 the same year the two preceded the registration of marriage at the Beijing Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau. Their wedding was held in Sanya, Hainan Province on 22 March 2011. On June 13, 2011, Wang XiaoFei in his own microblogging announced officially that he took over the CEO post of the South Beauty Restaurant Group.

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Chinese name:



South Beauty Group CEO




University of Guelph, Canada



Other information:

Mother is “South Beauty” founder Zhang Lan




Taiwan artists Barbie Hsu (徐熙, Big S)

Date of Birth:

June 27, 1981

Blood Type:


Source: 环球财经网,

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