Baidu structure adjustment: Will do more than search engine

Yesterday, Baidu announced to reorganize the “web search”, “web search product marketing”, “commercial operations system” and “sales system” into an independent search business group; and also announced the formation of a new business group – Forward charge based business. As a result, Baidu will form a relatively clear business system: two business groups (search and forward charges), three divisions (mobile cloud, LBS and international) and two independent subsidiaries (qunar and iQiyi).

Literally, forward charges businesses refer to the services that are chargeable directly on end users; the current paid based Internet services mainly include games, music, shopping and so on.

As a result of this adjustment, search engine will no longer be the sole business for Baidu though it may always be Baidu’s core business. It seems that following Alibaba and Tencent, Baidu would like to take this opportunity and expand its business vertically, thus maintain the future growth momentums.

Source: Tencent Technology

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