Assignment Sample – Personal development plan

Part 2 Personal development plan

To begin with, I prefer to make an analysis on my self to find out these strong points I have and these weak points I have. And then I am able to work out an appropriate personal development plan on the basis of my current situation.

I. Current situation

I am a Chinese student in Stamford University of Malaysia. As I am an easygoing people I have made many friends here and enjoy the oversea study experience a lot. As my character is very easygoing and open minded, i have a lot of friends from different countries including the local people in Malaysia, some Japanese friends and friends from other Asian countries. And many people hold a positive attitude towards me, most of who regard me as a nice person. Just as some of my friends say that Y Yang Zhen is a capable, humorous and cute Chinese guy.

Without any doubt, their statements on me is my strong points, I have some weaknesses too. For one thing, as a Chinese student studying overseas, I don’t have a fantastic English speaking ability. Although I have many friends, there are still many problems when I communicate with them especially in English communication. Due to this problem, it is also difficult for me to find a better part time job, because many part time jobs with relatively high salary have required the English ability, which hindered me to gain more working experience.

For the other, as a young man, I do have some problem in self controlling. Sometimes it is difficult for me to push myself out from playing, which often disorder my study plan.

II. Plan for improvement

On account of my weak and strong points, I have summarized a personal development plan to make self-improvement.

In the first place, I will devote more time and energy to practise my English ability including English speaking ability, English listening ability, English reading ability and English writing ability. The specific measures to improve my English are summarized in the following. Firstly, I’ll try my best to speak English as possible even communicating with Chinese friends here. Secondly, I’ll try to keep an English diary instead of a Chinese one to write down my oversea life in Malaysia like before. Thirdly, I will only depend on the English subtitles instead of the Chinese such as the movies I watch, these American series I watch and other English related entrainments. And then I will attend some English insensitive training course to help me improve my English in order to make my study in Malaysia more comfortable.

In the second place, it is important for me to improve my self controlling and managing ability. To manage my study time and spare time more healthily and effectively. I will carry out a timetable to facilitate and guild my everyday life. In my timetable, I have two major concerns including the weekday’s period and weekend’s period. In my weekday time, I will make full use of my spare time to both finish home work but also practising some self developing practices such as writing English diaries every day, speaking English for the most time and so on. In the weekend period, I will have one day off to relax and refresh myself. And the other day, I will go to attend the intensive English training course to improve my English.

With the assistance of this personal development plan, I hope I can make a great progress in my oversea study life.

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