Apple surrendered to Chinese customers by changing the maintenance policy



In response to CCTV’s exposure of Apple’s double maintenance standards in China on March 15 World Consumer Rights Day as well as following media reports recently, yesterday a letter from Apple CEO Cook was released in Apple’s China official website to Chinese consumers. The letter said that “Apple realized that due to the lack of external communication, there is speculation about Apple’s arrogance. It is not true that Apple does not care or does not attach importance to the Chinese consumers’ feedback. For any concerns or misunderstandings this has given to consumers, I express my sincere apologies.”  (this is an translated version as Apple published only the letter in Chinese in its regional website).

Cook also revealed that Apple will implement four key improvements in its  maintenance policy in China, which include: To improve the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S repair policy; To provide a concise and clear repair and warranty policy statement on its website; To increase intensity of supervision and training of Apple Authorized Service Provider; To ensure that consumers can easily get access to Apple Feedback service.

The key changes in the  iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S repair policy are: If problems are found within 15 days from the date of purchase, Apple will refund or replace the one new iPhone with the 1-year warranty being restarted since the day of replacement; Since April 2013, in the repair of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S only new equipment and parts will be used in the replacement and the 1 year warranty will be recalculated. These key changes are answering the Chinese central media’s charges regarding Apple’s  double maintenance standards in China as well as Apple’s non-compliance of China’s laws in relate of mobile phone repaire.

Apple formally entered the Chinese market in 1993 by setting up the Beijing Representative Office in China. 20 years later, Apple is still in the process of understanding the Chinese market, which is the job that Apple needs to fill as soon as possible.

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