Annihilates – 15 will station in Aircraft Carrier Liaoning for training for the first time

Liaoning ship2

Liaoning ship1

China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship which just took its first sail earlier this year on the 19th of Jun carried out special carrier-based F -15 landing and taking-off training in the Bohai Sea. This is also the second landing training for Liaoning ship since the first successful carrier-based fighter aircraft landing in the aircraft carrier in November last year.

Recently since June 9, aircraft carrier Liaoning has set sail and conducted a number of trainings including suitability test, carrier-based flight command training, security processes, carrier-based aircraft landing technique restorative training and many other scientific research experiments.

It is reported that, in the current sea trial task, F -15 fighters will station aboard for the first time in Liaoning ship for flight training.

Source: Xinhua Net

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