An 80-year-old lady beaten up by wife of village party secretary and fed with urine

An 80-year-old lady beaten up1

An 80-year-old lady beaten up2

An 80-year-old lady beaten up3

Recently, an online post named “Village secretary fed an 80-year-old lady with urine” caused widespread concern in the Qingdao City. Post author claimed that the 80-year-old lady wanted to return to her old house, and tried to talk to the village secretary Xu. The secretary wife opened the door and after the quarrel with the elderly, the old woman was brutally beaten.
According to the post, “the elderly woman was knocked to the ground by the wife of village party secretary; while the old lady can’t stand the beat and cried, the secretary wife feared that the villagers may hear she got some urine with ladle from toilet and poured into the mouth of the old lady by force. The couple continued the insult for twelve hours.”

According to the most updated news, the village secretary has been put under suspension check.

Source: Xinhua Net

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