former CEO: It is very reasonable for Alibaba Group to worth more than one hundred billion U.S. dollars

In respect of the market concerns over Alibaba Group Alibaba’s going public issues, former CEO David Wei said in Hong Kong on Thursday, after being listed, it is easy for the market value of Alibaba Group to reach more than one hundred billion U.S. dollars.

Wei attended the luncheon in Hong Kong on Thursday on which he said that the 2013 full-year profit of Alibab Group is expected to exceed 1 billion dollars based on which it is reasonable for the market capatalizaton of the group to be over one hundred billion U.S. dollars.

Wei also said that Alibaba Group is a very good business, it can go public any time it wants.

In contrast, the analyst’s attitude is slightly more pessimistic. While some analysts said the market value of Alibaba Group is expected to reach $ 100 billion in 2014, but most analysts expect the value to be ranged from 60 billion to 70 billion U.S. dollars. ‪

Regarding Alibaba Group’s listing venue, Wei said that Hong Kong has a relatively ample liquidity to enable the listed Alibaba Group to get accees to more international investors. But in comparison, the U.S. market has better understanding of the technology companies.

Therefore, Wei’s conclusion is: if Alibaba Group hopes to highlight the business character, it should choose Hong Kong. but if it wants to emphasize technical elements, United States seems to be a better choice.

Source: Sina Technology

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