Air China received a fine of $ 90,000 by not fullfilling the informing duty

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a statement in relate to Air China’ violation against the U.S. Federal Aviation Regulation that “Every 30 minutes of flight delay, visitors shall be informed that they can get off the flight ” and Air China is required to pay a fine of $ 90,000.

According to the news report on July 15, 2012, an Air China Flight 982 planned to fly from ew York’s Kennedy International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. The flight was delayed from 18:40 to 20:26 with the flight gate opened; the aircraft violated the fourth paragraph of section 259 of U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations in respect of “long delays aerodrome emergency ordinance” by failing to fulfill the obligation of informing the passengers regarding their rights to get off the flight.


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