Age limitation on fresh graduates working in Beijjng

In the near future, a new policy will be implemented: age limitations in fresh graduates who would like to wok in Beijing. The relevant person in charge from the Human Resource and Social Protection department claimed that bachelor degree holders shall not exceed 24, master degree holders shall not exceed 27 and doctoral degree holder shall not exceed 35. But those who have already signed a third-party contract will not be affected. The new policy of age limitation will be implemented in next year.

Together with Beijing’s strict control over the fresh graduates’ staying in Beijing, 2013 is already considered as a difficult year for fresh graduates. There is a total of 229,000 fresh graduates this year but as of 19 April those who had already signed contract with the employers accounted for only 28.24 percentage (36.59 percentage for master degree holders, 26.6 percentage for bachelor degree and 26.6 percentage for others) which is far less than the percentage in 2012.

Source: 北京晨报

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