Absurd Bureaucrat: The wife’s holding the husband position for 4 years

According to a report of the People’s Daily, recent online news exposed (爆料) that a town leader in the Shan’xi Province has been away from office for four years and his job and title had been transferred to his wife. The news has been confirmed by the town government.

Based on the editorial comment, what is more terrible and absurd than the job replacement is that such replacement was passed by the local town government meeting
which was an obvious abuse of the collective power.

In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Service Law of the People’s Republic of China, public officials with absenteeism without reasonable reasons for more than fifteen days, or accumulated more than 30 days within a year, should be dismissed.

At present, the case is under investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Reference Link: http://3g.qglt.com/n/LwRgqg

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