A Wuhan University set up patrols to stop the student couples from being affectionate

In Wuchang Vocational College, it is hard to find college students couples being too affectionate in the public areas. The school founded a campus patrol dedicated to disperse such “uncivilized behavior”, but this move sparked controversy.

“Run! ‘Anti-vice patrol’ is coming!” One student shouted, then a team walked toward the remote areas of the campus for checking. Soon couples went away separately. This is the scene witnessed last night by reporter in Wuchang Vocational College.

The person in charge of the patrol, Ding HuangCheng said “the team was founded in 2009, run by the school’s student union discipline inspection department, and participated by all the members of the 2nd grade college students. Two people will be on duty during the day; from 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening two groups of students totaled 20 will take the routine checking inside and outside the campus. Each patrol, will carry a banner and hand-held torches. When overly affectionate couples are found, the team can come forward to stop them. Campus patrol is also known as the “anti-vice patrols.

In response to this patrol, many students expressed support for the move, student Xiao-Hui (a pseudonym) said that in public places, too close moves of the couple students were really distasteful. Grade one student, Yu, suggested that the couples should go to a fixed location for dating.

Fang Weigua, Dean of the Wuchang Vocational College said “Students’ love is a normal way of communication and their rights are protected by laws which are not in conflict with rules and regulations; but the school is after all a public place, students should be a learning oriented and at the same time take into account the feelings of others.

Source: 湖北晚报

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