A woman hit a student and claimed strong background irritating public: Car smashed and overturned


Around 18:00 on May 24th in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, a car hit a primary student in front of a school and the driver, a woman beat up the mother of the child sparking pubic outrage. The people in the scene smashed and overturned her Guangzhou Honda vehicle.

It is reported that a Guangzhou Honda vehicle illegally drove on the sidewalk in order to escape the peak traffic. The car accidentally knocked down a 10 years old girl. But the woman driver refused to get off the car and offer an apology, instead she insulted the girl and beat up the mother. When the people gathered around started to dispute with the driver, the driver said “do you know who am I? I have strong background.” Her words irritated the pubic and people gathered to smash and overturn the car. The case is now under police investigation.

Source: 大河网

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