A woman found her father died long ago and body carbonized in Dragon Boat Festival

Yesterday, Ms. Wang carried bean cake, preserved egg and went to visit her father to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. What she did not expect was that his father had died more than 10 days ago.

The deceased, Wang, 72 years old man used to be a security guard in a research unit. After retirement, he lived a simple life alone. He never used cell phones and would use street public telephone to contact with the son(s) and daughter(s).

“In mid-April this year, my father called me which was the last time we had been in contact.” said the old man’s daughter, Ms. Wang. When the local police went to the scene, the old man was found death in the bathroom, part of the body was carbonized, and preliminary investigation showed that the man had died for at least 10 days.

Source: 楚天都市报

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