A villager drank a bottle of pesticide to go against forcible dismantlement of her farm

forcible demolishment1

forcible demolishment2

forcible demolishment3

forcible demolishment4

forcible demolishment5

forcible demolishment6
Around 15:30 on December 20th, a 33-year-old villager Wang Guo-feng from the Jiaozuo City, North China’s Henan Province stood a national flag and went against the forcible dismantlement of her family’s farm, the actions was carried out by the local government. With the proceeding of the forcible demolishment, Wang even drank a bottle of pesticide onsite and was later sent to hospital for treatment.

It is reported that the farm land was rent by Wang in 2007 and it is still under contract and no agreement had been reached before the action. After the removal of the farm, it is believed that a new business and trading center will be built on the same land.

Source: FazhiNet

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