A Tsinghua University Doctor discriminated in job applications due to not attending a top university in bachelor degree

Speaking of looking for a job, Tsinghua Dr. Chen Da had a lot of complaints. This is a job seeking season which nearly destroyed his confidence. After running around and waiting for seven consecutive months, he did not get a favorite companies offering him an offer. What made him more sad was that for eight out of ten jobs, he did not even pass the first round, i.e. resume checking.

“Fundamentally, I don’t have an so called ‘reliable education experiences’ as I was studying a common university but jumped to a Tsinghua Dr. after 7 years’ efforts”. From the over confidence to admitting the “birth determination”, it took only 7 months.

In late April, Chen Da drafted application for postdoctoral degree and begun to contact the mentor, “I hope to own more capital through another two years of efforts to make up for the college regret” he said.

With the happening of the similar cases everyday, there are more voices to legislate for employment discrimination in China.

Source: 中国人民大学劳动人事学院教授 唐鑛

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