A Taiwan fishing boat allegedly attacked by machine guns by Philippine warships: 1 death

Around 10:00 today, a fishing boat of the Taiwan’s Pingtung County was fishing for bluefin tuna in the waters off the coast of Hengchun, Pingtung County Eluanbi, it was suspected that the Philippine warships fired machine-gun and a 65-year-old crew Hung Shicheng was shot to death. The shipboard equipment was completely destroyed. After the incident, the boat was chased and caught up on several occasions and shot, the fishing boat fled for more than an hour until getting rid of the warships.

The Coast Guard of Taiwan said that the current message seemed to be disordered, it cannot be confirmed whether the fishing boat was hit by machine-gun fire or other weapons, but it was certainty that the fishing boat had loss power and the Coast Guard has sent Tainan ship which had rushed to the rescue the boat.

Source: Xinhua Net

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