A Study of Private Higher Education in Malaysia

I Executive summary

Private organizations engaged in the higher education become a common phenomenon in Malaysia, which plays the same important roles as this public university in Malaysia higher education field, which support Malaysia to become the education hub in all Asia regions. This paper will discuss the background of higher education in Malaysia with the investigation of a private higher education named Top University in this country.

And the major purpose of this report is to facilitate the mentioned university (Top University) to solve problems by the exploration of these causes for problems and well designed solutions.

II Content

1.0 Introduction 5

2.0 Background Information 6

3.0 Problems and background statement 7

3.1 Fast increasing rate on tuition fees 7

3.2 Improper professional developments 8

3.3 Insufficient communication 9

4.0 Methods of research 10

4.1 Survey research 11

4.2 Primary data collection measure 12

4.2.1 Questionnaires 12

4.2.2 Interview 12

4.2.3 Observation 13

4.3 Secondary data collection measures 14

4.3.1 Secondary sources of paper based 14

4.3.2 Electronic sources 14

5.0 Findings and discussion 15

5.1 Reasons analysis on problems in Top University 15

4.1 Findings and discussion relative to research questions 15

4.2 Causes analysis 15

4.2.1 History cause 15

4.2.2 Economy cause 17

4.2.3 Shortages in strategy 18

4.2.4 Professional development 19

4.2.5 Imbalance number of reputation teachers, part time teachers and formal teachers 20

5.0 Recommendations and solutions 21

5.1 Money generating 22

5.1.1 Partnerships 22

5.1.2 Sponsorships 23

5.2 Balance the number of teaching staff 24

5.3 Improve the quality of formal teaching staffs 24

5.3.1 Developing effective research trainings 25

5.3.2 Improvement on initial trainings 27

5.3.3 Classroom teaching ability development 27

5.4 Building relationships with these social organizations 29

6.0 Conclusions 30

7.0 Reference…………………………………………………………………………31

III Figures and charts

Table 1.0 Fees of degree and master course in Top University (part information)……..7

Chart 1.0 Malaysia inflation rate….…………………………………………………………………….5

Chart 2.0 Hierarchy of needs……………………………………………………………………………26

1.0 Introduction

With the economy development, almost all of these countries in the world begin to focus and emphasize the importance of education, especially the education quality from primary education to higher education. And the quality of education has already become an important theme for all of these education providers. The competitive environment for these education providers in Malaysia compel many schools from the primary education providers to higher education providers to engage in a competition combats, among which Top University will be our target in this report.

As a private university in Malaysia, Top University is undoubtedly one of the most eyes catching university, which has been enjoyed a steadily increasing rate in its tuition fees over these years. And at the same time, the number of students in Top University doesn’t grow as fast as this university expected, which is due to many problems faced by Top University.

In this report, we’ll make an analysis on the problems of Top University and then mention some suitable solution to facilitate the operation of Top University in future.

2.0 Background Information

Top University was founded in 1990, located in Subang Jaya of Malaysia, which only takes about 10 kilometers to drive to the capital city and 50 minutes to reach the national Airport of Malaysia.

Because Top University was founded in 1990, till now it has been experienced a long time development and becomes one of the most famous higher educators, which has also become one the listed universities. And every year, there are about more than 4,000 students from more than 10 countries studying in this university. And in Top University, more than 20 majors and degrees can be offered for these students including the bachelor degrees and master degrees from these famous universities and colleges all over the world which even include degrees from famous western countries.

Meanwhile one of the specialty or selling point of Top University is that student can study in Malaysia and gain the bachelor degrees or master degrees from western countries with a relative low cost compared to study in these western countries actually.

3.0 Problems and background statement

There are many problems involved in the operation of Top University which we will discuss in the following.

3.1 Fast increasing rate on tuition fees

The first issue which Top University should deal with is its fast increasing rate of tuition fees, which can is shown in table 1.0

Table 1.0 Fees of degree and master course in Top University (part information)

Items Courses Fees ( year) Degree
09 10 11 12
Intensive English course

(Degree course)

2,200 RM

/ month

/ month



/ month

3,500 RM

/ month

4,000 RM

/ month

Business degree

(Degree course)

Business administration 39,400 RM 40,000


45,000 RM 50,000 RM Bachelor
Accounting and finance
Human resource management

(Degree course)

Mechanical engineering 38,500 RM 41,000 RM 46,200 RM 50,200 RM Bachelor
Electronic engineering
Automobile engineering
Business ( MBA) Marketing( MBA) 30,000 RM 35,000 RM 41,000 RM 46,323


Human resource management ( MBA)
Enterprise management ( MBA)
Finance ( MBA)
Investment management ( MBA)
New product exploration management ( MBA)
E- commerce ( MBA)
Information technology

In table 1.0, we find out that the tuition fees of Top University not only in its intensive English language training courses and degree courses but also in its master degree courses are experiencing relatively great rise. In every year, there is a rise in all of their courses. This is also the biggest issue which attracts these hot discussions from students and parents, legislators and so on.

From table 1.0, it is obvious for us to observe that the tuition fees have a high increase fees which finally result in the doubts from the society on whether it is worth to pay such a high cost in Top University to study, which is the first problem required Top University to cope with.

3.2 Improper professional developments

Another problems required Top University to cope with is its high education service for students. From the research, another problem in Top University is the performance of teachers, which is reflected directly on the achievement of students on their study.

In Top University, the final result of each subject is made up of two parts, one of which is the scores in exam and the other of which is the scores in their assignments. The two kinds of performance make up the achievements of Top University’s students in their school. While the results in students’ performance in Top University arent so satisfactory, which is reflected from the high failure rate and low distinct or credit rate of its students both engaged in degree course and master courses.

Besides, the achievements of students are poor in their scores or marks at campus, the other standards of students in Top University isn’t so satisfactory which is their employment rate after graduation from top University. Frankly speaking, the employment rate for Top Universitys students isnt lower compared to the average level, but if we compared the graduate rate and employment rate of Top university’s students with these top performers in Malaysian higher education particularly among these private players, the entire achievements of Top Universitys students both in the campus and out of campus cant compete with these top players.

By and large, the overall performance of Top University in studying scores, graduation rate and employment rate is good, while in comparison to these top players in private higher education of Malaysia, there are still gaps for Top University to make up and narrow down. In another word, to make Top University to be an actual first class player in higher education industry particularly the private higher education industry of Malaysia, the efforts should be made too.

3.3 Insufficient communication

Another issue requires Top University to cope with is the insufficient communication inside this organization. On the ground of our research, there is a phenomenon attracted our attention that almost every term, this is a survey carried out among students both engaged in degree course and master course on their comments about these services on academic groups of Top University. Almost all of the information gathered is based on questionnaire means with both close and open questions, which are aimed to get proper feedbacks from these students in Top University so as to make immediate moves or changes on these problems mentioned by students as well as maintain these good aspects mentioned by students as well. Besides, it is also a crucial part for Top Universitys management group to prepare this university well to meet challenges from the new round student enrollment campaign to meet these picky criteria of potential student customers.

From the good aspect, this kind of survey on the satisfaction degree of students are really important for Top University to correct some impropriate behaviors and aspects, and improve itself to meets higher needs of customers. There are also some unsatisfactory issues involved. For instance, almost each time, students hold sincere attitudes towards the survey and pointed out some problems and related suggestions for Top University with the hope that these issues can be solved problems. However, the consequences often let them down, because these suggestions are seemed not to be noticed and get attention by the management team of Top University.

This point is also the problem required Top University to cope well with to make this kind of information gathering produce the expected results and functions.

4.0 Methods of research

In this paper, we plan to make full use of the primary and secondary date collection means to gather information to facilitate Top University to find out the reasons for these problems discussed above and put forward useful methods on problem solving with support by questionnaires, observations and interviews.

4.1 Survey research

In this report, survey research mode is adopted to carry out the research on the problems and solutions of fast increasing rate on tuition fees, improper professional developments and insufficient communication in Top University (Fraenkel & Wallen 2008). It is aimed to obtain necessary data from students and teachers in the target population of Top University to determine the reasons of these problems and the suitable solutions for them.

Information in this survey research is gathered via the group of people from members of Top University in order to facilitate this university to get a clear description on these characteristics of this sample population.

The major means used in this research to collect information and related data is to gather them from question asking (interview and questionnaires), observing behaviors and actions from target population (observation) and some printed data.

Most important, information and data required in this research is gathered and collected from the sample population but rather anybody, which indicate the strict standard adopted by this report.

4.2 Primary data collection measure

4.2.1 Questionnaires

The means of questionnaire will be used in this report to collect information, which will be given to the target population including both teachers and students in Top University with a set of clear and concise designed questions both open and closed ones including these feedbacks on teaching performance, professional development for teachings, academic related services received by students and related suggestions and so on to help Top University to examine the attitudes, opinions, viewpoints and recommendations from both teachers and students in this university (Rebora 2008).

In addition, most questions given to the target population included in the questionnaires belongs to identical questions which are to support Top University to get the most correct and trustworthy results from this survey research (Rebora 2008)..

4.2.2 Interview

The technique of interview will be adopted in our research as well to gather the necessary information. This report supports the importance of face to face interview means, which is so useful to support Top University to gain these direct information and data with easy understood answers from these interviewed teachers and students in Top University with remove of some ambiguity and misunderstanding (Leedy & Ormrod 2001).

As far as face to face interview means to be concerned in this survey, well use only only structured but also unstructured interview to gain as much information and data as possible from the sample population in Top University (Leedy & Ormrod 2001). For example, the sample population in Top University will be give a set of standard questions in the face to face interview process such as what is their perspectives on the poor performance of the teaching results in comparison to other strong rivals, what is the advantages and disadvantages of the fast increased tuition fees, how to improve the communication effectiveness in Top University and so on.

4.2.3 Observation

Thomas (2009) emphasized the importance of observation measure in supporting researchers to get expected information and data. In this report, well depend on observation means to gathering information and data from the target population. As the current situation of Top University be concerned, participant observation means will be used in our survey research, which possess a variety of advantages. For example, it gives us the chance to view what is going on in this university with the related issues we explored in this report, which may support us to find out the most correct and trustworthy data and information through our personal experience.

4.3 Secondary data collection measures

4.3.1 Secondary sources of paper based

To smooth the process of this survey, some paper based materials will also be referred by us including information from textbooks, journal articles, official websites, and conference papers and so on, which may provide us with curial data and information such as the employment rate of students in Top University, graduation rate, final marks and so on to make our report more trustworthy and meaningful (Thomas 2009).

4.3.2 Electronic sources

In addition, several electronic resources including on line databases will also be referred in our research to support the fulfillment of our research objectives.

5.0 Findings and discussion

5.1 Reasons analysis on problems in Top University

4.1 Findings and discussion relative to research questions

In our survey, three major problems are obvious and necessary for Top University to focus on such as the fast increase tuition fees, ineffective professional development for teachers and ineffective inside communication. And then, well explore the related causes on these problems and provide suitable settlement.

4.2 Causes analysis

4.2.1 History cause

On the ground of data from Ministry of Higher Education (2008), higher education institutions in Malaysia possess two types. One is public universities. The other is private universities. Both private and public universities of Malaysia offer students with programs on undergraduate degrees, master degrees, and diploma and so on. And for one thing, these public universities in Malaysia are defined as these who are controlled, managed and established entirely by the center government of Malaysia and with indirect support from the public sectors.

For the other, private universities in Malaysia are different from these public ones which are supported and controlled fully by government (Ministry of Higher Education 2008). Private universities in Malaysia may be supported by some business agencies from government including multimedia university, petroleum national university and so on, or supported by political parties of the government including University Tunku Abdul Rahman and so on, or foreign branches of some foreign universities such as Monash University and Nottingham University of Malaysian campus (Ministry of Higher Education 2008). And besides, there are also several local private universities founded and supported by individuals (Ministry of Higher Education 2008). Top University belongs to the private university which is founded and supported full by individuals.

From the history of Malaysia higher education we may find out one of the causes for the increase tuition fees of Top University, which is the shortage of full finance supports. In contrast to other private universities such as multimedia university, University Tunku Abdul Rahman or Monash University and so on, which all have strong financial supports from their founders (Lawrence et al. 2009), Top University only owns individual support, whose founder is a experienced educator and business man.

Therefore, in comparison to the strong financial background of these competitors including multimedia university, University Tunku Abdul Rahman or Monash University and so on (Lawrence et al. 2009), Top University may be also defined as a profit organization, whose other aim is to make and produce more profitability with the increasing fame of its higher education services for students. That is why with the higher and higher prices for commodities including teaching materials such as textbooks, which is seemed to increase tuition fees is the choice of Top University to meet the challenges from increasing commodity prices.

4.2.2 Economy cause

Economy pressure plays as one causes of increasing tuition fees in Top University as well.

Chart 1.0 Malaysia inflation rate

chart 1.0

Source: trading economics. com

From chart 1.0, the inflation rate in Malaysia is seemed to shoot up in recent years from 2010 to the first quarter of 2012, which means the price of these commodities are increased that customers can’t purchase these products with the same payment as before (World Bank 2012). This kind of economy situation push Top University to increase its tuition fees for students as one of the measures to ease financial press, when there aren’t other parties or government agencies to offer financial support for this private university as other universities received.

4.2.3 Shortages in strategy

There is a weakness in the development strategy of Top University from the beginning of its foundation. Established in 1990, Top University has developed from a small size private college which only offered diploma degree for students to today’ big university with more than 20 majors with degrees of diploma, bachelor and master, which is due to its developing strategy for the most part.

The development strategy of Top University is to increase its categories of academic majors and teaching teams to strengthen its comprehensive capacity in Malaysian higher education. As we all know, the number of teaching staffs who own the high level of degrees and titles including the doctor title, professor title and other academic related title is the most gleaming point to fascinate the attention of the public on the university (Norraihan & Aziah 2007). And it is also the compulsory standard regulated by government on the upgrade of some small college to comprehensive university (Norraihan & Aziah 2007). Top University is so smart to use this kind of standard to increase the number of teaching staffs who own the high level of academic titles to develop it as today’s top university in Malaysia.

But behind this kind of strategy, there is some under table issue included. About half of these teaching staffs in Top University who own high level of academic titles are only nominal teachers, who lend their reputation to Top University and in turns Top University gives them some monetary returns. Officially, these teachings are employees and members of academic staffs in Top University, but in fact they seldom participate in the course designing, teaching, research tasks as other peers do in this university.

Therefore, a majority of these class teachers in Top University are fresh teachers, some of whom may be even not qualified to be teachers in college. This is why the teaching quality and results in Top University isn’t as satisfactory as other rivals.

4.2.4 Professional development

We have discussed at the beginning of this report that the professional development programs and activities in Top University are in a shortage. And from the data and information we found in our survey research on Top University, one of the reasons become clear. It is the money that is used to buy the reputation from these teachers who own high level of academic titles. Just because a large sum of money is spent on buying reputation, the money required in professional develop and training programs for teaching in Top University is in a shortage, which results in the situation that some fresh teachers may performance poor in their class teaching, which direct impact the performances of their students in their school marks and employment status.

For example, maybe the poor performance of some students in their university marks and future careers can’t be attributed to all the false of their teachers, because there are also other factors to determine the performance of a student including their background, personality, network and so on (Brookfield 2006). But the quality of a teacher to students also plays a significant role to determine their achievement in both universities and careers, if the required knowledge or skills can’t given to students systematic and logically, which will have a bad influence on the performance of students (Brookfield 2006).

Therefore, we attribute the poor quality of some teachers in Top University as one of the reason resulting in the poor achievements of some students both in their university life but also in their future jobs. And we also attribute one of the reasons to cause the poor performance of some teachers is due to the shortage of training fees.

4.2.5 Imbalance number of reputation teachers, part time teachers and formal teachers

In Top University, to meet the requirement of the higher education and the society, the phenomenon to buy reputations from some teachers with high level of academic title has become a common situation, which finally contributes to the imbalance number of reputation teachers and formal teachers. In Top University, the number of reputation teachers takes up a large percentage in the number of the teaching facility. And of course, the number of formal teachers who are majored and recruited by Top University is large. But the large number of reputation teachers, part time teachers hinders the healthy function of communication effectiveness in Top University.

For instance, although there is often a survey held each term to support Top University to check or examine the satisfactory degrees of students on the performance of these teaching staffs. As the number of part time teachers is a large number, which make it is difficult for Top University to deliver these requirements and suggestions from students whole and effectively to all the teachers.

And as some teachers are reputation teachers or part time teachers, some time even the feedbacks from students on their teaching performance and quality are received by them, some of these teachers may not take it serious and make immediate adjustments to touch up their performance and try their best to meet the students’ reasonable requirements and suggestions.

When this situation circulated again and again, communication mechanism in Top University, which owns good aim to improve communication effectiveness may finally destroy. This is why, the effective communication even become an extravagant dream in Top University.

5.0 Recommendations and solutions

We have summarized five causes on these problems in Top University above. Now, we’ll make a discussion to come up with some necessary solutions to these problems on the ground of these causes.

5.1 Money generating

5.1.1 Partnerships

Due to the historical reason, the founder of Top University is under the support of some individual owner, which limits the financial capacity of Top University to some extent in comparison to other competitors including multimedia university, University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Monash University and so on.

Since one of the causes of these problems in Top University is the money issue, there is a suggestion for Top University to find some partnerships. As multimedia university or University of Tunku Abdul Rahman is supported by government agents or government’s partners, why Top University can’t find the support from these groups? Yes, the requirements to cooperate with these agents or parties may be very harsh. But referring to today’s reputation owned by Top University, it isn’t so difficult for this university to win the good impression from these parties or agents.

Because, collaboration with Top University may bring greater fames for these parties and agents, which may be the most wanted things. This kind of solution may be used by Top University as one of the means to generate capital (Larédo 2003).

5.1.2 Sponsorships

Resorting to some sponsorship from some large businesses may also a good choice for Top University to generate more capital to ease its financial press. There are a large number of business organizations, which are targeted the university students as their potential customers. As the reputation of Top University has been well built in Malaysia, this university can take full advantages of its reputation to attract support from this kind of business to offer its financial support, which is a win win solution.

For one thing, Top University can gain what its needs- the money. For the other, these business organizations can take advantage of Top University’s reputation to reach more potential student customers to promote their products. (Kroll & Liefner 2008)

By and large, the above two means are the good options for Top University to generate more capital to run its education business. And once the money or financial pressure of Top University is reduced to a low level, the problem of fast increasing tuition fees which has been questioned can be eased to a low level. That is, Top University may be able to keep its tuition fees’ increasing rate in the average level in comparison with other competitors, to make its increasing rate of tuition fees in an acceptable level.

5.2 Balance the number of teaching staff

Balance the number of teaching staff is the solution to improve teaching achievement and quality in Top University. Above, we recommend Top University to adopt some measures to generate economy pressure. And now, if this suggestion adopted by Top University, then it may own relatively enough capital to afford to recruit more formal teachers who possess high level of academic title but not to only depend on buy reputation from these teachers.

Just as Djokovic and Souitaris (2008) pointed out in their report that real capacity and competitiveness of a university or college is reflected from its power to attract academic elites to service in this organization and facilitate the future development. Therefore, to possess certain number of real elites but not these reputation teachers is the first task for Top University to fulfill.

5.3 Improve the quality of formal teaching staffs

The poor performance of students in their university life and future career in Top University in comparison to other competitors is attributed to the poor quality of teachers sometimes under the results of our research. On the ground of this status in Top University, trainings for teachers both from the beginning and lifelong are good choices.

5.3.1 Developing effective research trainings

Wolfgang (2009) advocated researcher training combining the core competitiveness development should be involved in the training programs for teachers. And the research content of these programs had better own these contents as below.

At first, it is necessary to develop the research of teachers in Top University in the areas of students’ learning, which indicates exploring the most effective learning means for students in Top University to facilitate and support them gain better student result under a relatively easier manner than before, teaching, which refers to the classroom teaching ability development (The interest often works as the most effective teachers to attract and guide students to work hard, therefore to improve the classroom controlling skills for teachers in Top University such as training them to be more humorous and easygoing may help students to fall in love their teaching subjects to further incent students to work hard than before), and development of curriculum practices in higher education may be all necessary.

Secondly, Top University should give full support on teachers’ research on the design of curriculum, continuous learning (It is so significant and curial for teaching to continue to learn new knowledge and skills to meet the needs from continuous change environment. If this teacher merely owns good knowledge of his or her majored subject, he or she is just as a nerd without any contact with the new world. This kind of teachers can be the popular teachers among today’s students, who welcome to the new fashioned as well as knowledgeable people to give them knowledge rather than a nerd who is only know the knowledge of his or her studying field) and so on. In the mean time, suitable assessment mechanism should also be set up to support Top University to examine the training consequences on teachers.

Thirdly, an important point for Top University to develop the researcher ability development for it teachers in the step of training needs assessment, which should be carried out on the ground of the hierarchy needs produced by Maslow. In this theory, Maslow pointed out that there are several motivators to promote people to work and develop, which is from low level needs to higher level needs shown in chart 2.0 (Wahba & Bridwell 1974). Under the guild of this theory, Top University should first evaluate the needs level of its teaching staffs and then to determine what kinds of trainings should be offered to them. By this means, teachers in Top University may be able to obtain the most necessary trainings on to develop their research ability in an effective manner but not in vain.

Chart 2.0 Hierarchy of needs

figure 8.0


At last, incentives should also be emphasized by Top University when promoting training programs for teachers. It is the good tool for Top University to improve the involvement of teachers to attend such kind of trainings in the future. Therefore, some material prizes or other kinds of rewards including a holiday may be the good choices for Top University to motivate the participation of teachers in such kind of programs and improve their enthusiasm.

5.3.2 Improvement on initial trainings

Every teacher even he or she is now the most admirable educator may experiment the initial experience to be a teacher at first time (Wolfgang 2009). Therefore, it is very important for Top University to pay great attention on the initial training for its new teachers who are in a shortage of teaching experience.

Day and Sachs (2004) advocate the function of role model building in supporting the development of new teachers, which is also the recommendation for Top University. The role model program refers to the guidance offered by these tutors, who are experienced teachers, offered to the new teachers. These tutors often work as the supervisors for these new teachers to give them with help and guidance on their initial teaching tasks and evaluate their performance to come up with practical and effective suggestions for future improvement. In Top University to give new teachers who are in a shortage of teaching experience and knowledge is a good option to make teachers to realize the important and significance of self development required by Top University as the very beginning.

With injection of this kind of thought into the minds of teachers, the ongoing or future training programs for teachers will be much easier to carry out with less resistance.

5.3.3 Classroom teaching ability development

On the basis of our survey in Top University’s teachers and students, we find out two kinds of needs from teachers on the development and trainings of classroom teaching ability.

For one thing, teachers for the freshmen or sophomore, requires to development the communication skills to facilitate them to build good relationships with these new students. Just as one teacher pointed out in our survey that nowadays, it is more important for teachers to gain good impressions from their new students, which may support them to make their classroom teaching gain more achievement and meet the expected results. Under this kind of requirement from teachers, Top University had better support its teachers to improve the awareness of nonverbal and verbal communication skills in the classroom so as to build and develop the teaching performance and consequences (Gazda et al. 2005). Besides, it is also important for Top University to train its teachers to develop tactics such as how to understand and respond properly when there are some problems during the class teaching process. Moreover, responsibility training programs in Top University are crucial to improve the sense of responsibility of teachers on their jobs to improve the involvement of teachers in their teaching tasks (Wolfgan 2009).

For the other, teachers teaching in higher grades such as the graduating class or teachers responsible for master programs, the requirements on training are to require more practical consequences. The most direct issue confronted by these graduating students is to find good jobs. Therefore, for these teachers who are responsible for this kind of students, their training needs are intended to get more trainings on graduation guidance, which may help them to give more correct and proper guidance for their students who are going to find jobs.

In addition, to support students find satisfactory jobs, teachers may give students some internship practices to equip them better to meet the challenges in their future careers, which also required Top University to give related training for teachers to improve their performance on these guiding course to produce better results.

5.4 Building relationships with these social organizations

One problem met by Top University we mentioned is the low employment rate in comparison to other graduators from these rival universities. To manage this problem, it is time for Top University to develop good relationship with these social organizations, which can produce two kinds of benefits.

For one thing, with good relationship building with these social organizations or companies, the chance for students in Top University to get the internship will be doubled or even tripled. In fact, one of the reasons for the low employment of students in Top University may be attributed to the shortage of working experience on the basis of the results from our survey. That is, when good relationship is building, under the facilitation of more actual working experiences for students in these organizations, which may enhance their practical ability to increase the employment rate of these students (Norraihan & Aziah 2007).

For the other, if the chances given to students in Top University to have internships in these organizations, good performance students own greater chance to be recruited by these organizations, which indirect improve the employment rate of students in Top University (Norraihan & Aziah 2007).

6.0 Conclusions

In the report, many discussions have been promoted to serve the aim to help Top University to solve problems.

In the first section, the background of Top University is been introduced to facilitate us develop an thorough understanding of the development history and current situation of this private university in Malaysia that Top University was founded in 1990, located in Subang Jaya of Malaysia, which only takes about 10 kilometers to drive to the capital city and 50 minutes to reach the national Airport of Malaysia.

In the second section, we pointed out three major problems encountered by Top University such as the fast increasing rate on tuition fees, imbalance number between reputation teachers and formal teachers and the ineffectiveness communication inside the organization, which is aimed to facilitate the future investigation on the causes of these problems in Top University.

In the third section, research methods are introduced to ensure the scientificalness and accuracy of this research. The primary data collection means assisted by tactics such as questionnaires, face to face interviews and observations and secondary data collection means are adopted.

In the fourth section, causes for the three problems are analyzed including historical reasons, economy pressures, imbalance on the teaching facility allocation, insufficient on professional development of teachers in Top University and shortages on its developing strategy and so on.

In the fifth section recommendations are given to facilitate Top University to solve problems such as generating money via partnership development and sponsorships, balance the number of reputation teacher, part time teachers and formal teachers, improve the quality of formal teaching staffs via developing effective research trainings, improvement on initial trainings and classroom teaching ability development as well as building relationships with these social organizations.

By and large, we hope the future of Top University is promising with clearance of all the problems.

7.0 Reference


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