A statue was made for a secondary school student admitted to Tsinghua University


Recently, a micro-blog post became popular on the Internet, causing widespread concern and comments: A statue was made to celebrate and memorize a secondary school student who was admitted to Tsinghua University with the highest score.

Reporter learned that the school is Laigeng County High School. Zhou Man, the school principal, said “the statue of Yang Yuan was set up on April 2 this year, located in front of the main teaching building. The statue was to promote the campus culture and offer incentives for other students to study hard following Yang Yuan.”

The involved student, Yang Yuan said, before the college entrance examination last year, the school had told the students, if they had been admitted to Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other top schools, the school will establish a statue for them. But the school did not contact him when the statue was set up in front of the campus, he had also just learned the news through other channels.

“Now I feel a lot of pressure, which is not a good feeling.” He said, he saw a variety of arguments online, and he thought the school’s behavior was not appropriate, but he was helpless and did not dare to tell the students around him.

According to the updated development, the school had started to remove the statue.

Source: 楚天都市报

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