A Nanchang Q-5 attack aircraft crashed in Dalian, a pilot sacrificed

Q-5 attack aircraft crashed 1

 Q-5 attack aircraft crashed 2 Q-5 attack aircraft crashed 3 Q-5 attack aircraft crashed 4
According to “Shenyang Evening News” report, on August 23, 2013, an aircraft accident occurred in Lianhua town, Dalian City in which an Air Force plane crashed in a cornfield. Allegedly the aircraft pilot gave up the opportunity to parachute to avoid falling into the densely populated region and sacrificed.

Based on the photos at the scene, military analysts believe that the model of the crashed aircraft is a Nanchang Q-5 attack aircraft.

Profile of Nanchang Q-5 Attack Aircraft

The Nanchang Q-5, also known as the A-5 in its export versions, is a Chinese-built jet ground-attack aircraft based on the Soviet MiG-19. Its main role is close air support.

Wingspan: 9.68 m
Length: 16 m
First flight: July 4, 1965
Introduced: 1970
Manufacturer: Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, Nanchang

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