A man wearing earplugs and surfing Internet killed by lightning


Wang chengguan with the families are working and living in a construction site, Tongliang County, Chongqing City. He had a complete family, but last night the clap of thunder made it all stopped short, as his 19-year-old son Zong wearing earplugs and surfing Internet and suddenly killed in the bombing of the lightning.

“Zong had no other hobbies but playing games online.” at the end of last year, they spent 3,000 yuan to buy this laptop to Zong, besides the working hours, he always stayed with the laptop.” said the mother.

Dr. Zhang told reporter, because of the heavy rain, muddy roads, it took nearly 10 minutes for them to arrive at the scene. “At that time, the Zong’s not breathing and heartbeat had stopped, face and body had turned purple. After retuning to the hospital, Dr. Zhang continued the cardiac stimulation and medication, but the effect was not obvious. After half an hour in the intensive care unit, the rescue also failed to save the life of Zong.

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