A man suffered sudden death after playing DOTA in an Internet cafe, most users playing games were untouched

Chen(the death)’s mother left the site with help of families

It is reported that yesterday afternoon, Chen, a 23-year-old man, was found death in an internet cafe leaning against the seat, erythema appeared on his arm, with no breathing.

According to the internet cafe staff, Chen arrived at the Internet cafe at night around 21 o’clock the day before yesterday alone, and began to play game and never left again. Yesterday morning, Chen leaned back and fell asleep, no one noticed anything unusual and no one knew when he died. The last game he played was DOTA.

Yesterday afternoon, even Chen’s body was lying on a chair, the policemen were doing investigations and taking site photos with camera, most users still gazed at the screen, and used the headset to communicate with each other in gaming terms.

ChinaAbout.net editorial comment: The lack of social concern is one of the fundamental reasons why some tragedies happen again and again. More care and actions are necessary to save the group of young game players in China who are too much addictive to games such as DOTA, WOW.

Source: 法制晚报

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