A house pulled down artificially and the farmer beaten to death: To facilitate the Foxconn factory project

On May 24, when Xiao Malai (the owner of the house who has been beaten to death) and his families were not at home, Binghe Relocation Office of Konggang District Zhengzhou City, Central China’s Henan Province, mobilized large machinery and pulled down the two-story house. Previously, because the price of relocation had not been agreed, the two sides did not reach an agreement. The house was pull down without the owner’s notice.

Then the Xiao couple discussed the issue for a number of times with the relocation office but without a satisfactory response; on 25 May, the couple went to the Konggang Administrative Committee for petition and thus offended the relocation office staffs.

Around 10:30 pm on the same day of the petition, a gang of people rushed into Xiao couple’s temporary shelter and beat up the old man, Xiao, with steel tube. Xiao was sent to hospital but confirmed death.

It is learned that Xiao’s house is located in the core area of ​the Foxconn factory project (second term). The case is still under police investigation.

Source: 南方都市报(Southern Metropolis Daily)

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