A helicopter crashed in Linyi, Shandong in performing tasks, a pilot killed

SW-4 civial helicopter

SW-4 civilian helicopter
Reporter learned from Linyi County departments that around 7:10 am on June 15, a SW-4 helicopter during execution of flight missions deviated from the designated zone and crashed in Linyi County, and a pilot died. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Data show that SW-4 civilian helicopters are five-seat light helicopter, weighted 1.8 tons and use aviation kerosene as fuel, the flight speed is up to 260 kilometers per hour with an altitude up to 5500 meters above sea level, a flight range of 624 km.

According to person in charge of the Forest Protection Station, Shandong Provincial Forestry Department, Sun Yugang, after a preliminary survey the helicopter may crash due to mechanical failure, the specific reason is subject to further investigation.

Source: 齐鲁网

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