A farmer was charged 3,000 yuan (US$ 480) for collecting the son’s corpse, police: it is rule

(US$ 480) for collecting the son's corpse

June 8 at 9 o’clock, Zhou Youqin (a farmer) suddenly received a phone call from Zhengzhou police and was told that his son Zhou Sanjiang died on the Dongfeng Road, and he was requested to go to Zhengzhou to handle the aftermath. Zhou Youqin moved on the way at 1:00 of the next day. For his son’s sudden departure, the old man was always puzzled.

“He just got get married during Labor Day, and he is healthy” In order to have a say, for five consecutive days, Zhou Youqin travelled between hospitals and police station, but there was no clue. A doctor from the Second People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City which received corpse said, the body had no injury and the cause of death was unknown. The local police also told Zhou Youqin Road based on the conditions the case cannot be filed and thus no more investigation would be started.

Running around but with no fruit made the elderly very disappointed, yesterday, he decided to finish the funeral before finding the reason behind his son’s death, but when he came to the police station to issue the death certificate, the police required him to pay 3000 yuan (US$ 480) corpse fees first, before anything can be done.

At noon yesterday, the reporter once again went together with Zhou Youqin to the police station, police official Song said on the night of the incident, the forensic contacted a Mr. Ma from the Second People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City to handle the corpse who charged 3,000 yuan (US$ 480) corpse fees and Mr. Ma paid for advance. So Zhou Youqin must be handed over 3,000 yuan (US$ 480). Zhouyou Qin said he really can’t offer, Song officer replied: “You look for Mr. Ma to negotiate.”

Reporters asked: “It is just 15 km away, so why 3000 yuan (US$ 480) would be charged? Any fee basi?”

Song Officer: “I also think that it is unreasonable, it is an unwritten rule.”

Reporter: ”any bill or receipt can be issue?”

Song Officer: “No.”

Zhou Youqin then called the morgue of Second People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City asking why the fee was so high, a female staff Zheng Xing said: “The price is negotiated between Mr. Ma and the police, if no paid received, the body will be put down here.” The staff also said that this 3,000 yuan (US$ 480) was not including the mortuary fees and other costs.

Source: 大河报

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