A Chongqing girl tried to commit suicide due to addictive to online shopping


Every coin has two sides, online shopping brings convenient, but also makes some people out of control of themselves, such as the following lady.

The woman is called Chen Chen, aged 28, is a native Chongqing lady with a beautiful face and slim body. A few years ago, Chen Chen started her first online shopping experience after which she became increasingly addictive to it. Clothes, shoes, bags are the regular items that Chen Chen purchases.

Because of the great love of online shopping, Chen Chen spends almost tens of thousands yuan on online shopping each year.

“Don’t spend too much, easy, easy!” her husband usually complained like this. Chen Chen’s and her husband’s wages are not high. “I know, I know” Every time Chen Chen replied in this way.

However, Chen Chen’s desire over online shopping has never been diminished, but intensified. Because of limited income, Chen Chen began to use credit card. When the overdraft behaviors became regular, her husband increasingly can not tolerate her.

On the morning of June 14, Chen Chen bought two bottles of dichlorvos and was ready to end her own life. “I can not control myself, I do not know how to do ……” This is a suicide note she left, which is filled with remorse and world-weary mood. Fortunately, thanks to timely rescue by the police, Chen Chen is currently out of danger.

Source: Chongqing Morning Post

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