A boy with highly invasive malignant Burkitt’s lymphoma (stage IV) cured in Shanghai


Nightmare came: 10-year-old jboy suffered from “ants devour” in the bones

In July last year in Baoshan District, Shanghai, Rui Qi who just passed his 10 birthday happily told his mother ” I have grown up, and I can swim!” However, after several times of swimming, his mother found Rui Qi with a little lame while walking, and then she took him to the hospital. “At the beginning it was diagnosed as feet cysts, and later diagnosed as cancer, we expected the cancer to be benign, but the it was actually diagnosed as malignancy; we thought it could be localized, but the cancer was everywhere in his body. Then it was finally identified as highly invasive malignant Burkitt’s lymphoid, the tumor was even in stage IV. I was shocked.” said the mother Zhang Haiqing as she recalled the scene. After multiple checks with several major hospitals in Shanghai, Zhang Haiqing chose Shanghai Children’s Hospital for further treatment.

Created the psychological defense wall with love

After Rui Qi was confirmed with cancer, Zhang Haiqing decided to write diary to record his son’s condition and treatment progress. “My initial goal is to retain my son in my memory, I would not like his short life to be like a meteor across the sky, I knew he may at any time leave this world. I wanted to use my own way to keep him eternal. One year had passed, she wrote more than 400,000 words already.

Rui Qi during chemotherapy had great paint and suffering, including nausea and vomiting, mouth ulcers and other serious reactions. When he was in low mood, Zhang Haiqing always tried to “understate” the suffering and joked with him, such as “Are you knocked down again?” or “why are you looked so silly today!” Despite sorrow and grief, heartache, and even despair, Zhang Haiqing made them deeply hidden, and instead showed always strong and persistent character in front of the child.

The strong mother influenced the only 10-year-old boy, despite being tortured by the pain and various reactions, he was quiet. He secretly took the nurse’s liquid medicine and applied on the fester without his mother’s notice.

Focuses of infection disappeared after six times of chemotherapy

After six times of chemotherapy, all focuses of infection in Rui Qi’s body had disappeared. On March 18 this year, he was already back to school with school bag on his back. Love again created a miracle.

Source: 新闻晚报

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