A 5-year-old boy fell on a pencil which penetrated 6 cm into the left eye

2014-01-10 08.47.05
Around 10 A.M. yesterday, an incident occured in a kindergarten in Suzhou in which a 5 -year-old boy fell to the ground during break-time and a pencil deeply penetrated his face in the bridge of the nose next to his left eye. The boy was immediately sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of SuZhou University by the teacher for treatment. It was estimated by the doctor that about a part (6 centimeters) of the pencil was inside the boy’s face and even part of which penetrated into his brain. The doctors held a consultation and decided to go for craniotomy. Around 9 P.M last night, it was learned from the hospital that the operation was successful but the extent of damage to his left eye is yet to be examined further according to the experts.

“My child went to school in the morning lively, I can’t believe such a thing would actually happen.” the mother spoke feelingly about the incident. According to an insider Miss Chen, the boy was holding a pencil when he accidentally stumbled over the leg of another child and the pencil pierced into his left eye. The cause of the accident is yet to be verified by the police investigation.

Source: Modern Express

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