A 30-year-old herring weighted 37.5 kilos was caught in Shandong


On May 15 in Lai Xi City of Shandong Province, 5 fishermen caught a rarely huge herring. The 5 fishermen had a big “war” with the fish for more than an hour, until it was finally arrested ashore. One of the fishermen Li Yang said, this big herring was about 75 kg with a length of 1.6 meters, its body scales were as big as coins.

Lai Xi City fishery sector responsible person suggested that it was relatively rare to find such a large herring in Lai Xi Lake. The usually sold herrings on the market were two or three kilograms for each. Experts based on the identification of scale films claimed that this big herring in the reservoir had lived for nearly 30 years, equivalent to 60 years old among the human beings.

Source: 青岛新闻网

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