98% of the IT elite suffering from physical abnormalities, over 50% with dyslipidemia


According to the Worker’s Daily, the recently released “China Urban IT Elites Health Status Survey White Paper” which shows that the health of China’s urban the IT elite group is worrying with various concerns: 98.8% of the IT elites suffering from physical abnormalities, health indexminimum among the 30-40 age group IT elite population is the lowest.

Top three abnormalities are: Dyslipidemia (50.83%), abnormal cervical spine films (34.79%), overweight / obesity (32.2%), followed by pharyngitis, fatty liver, ECG, uric acid, Helicobacter pyloripositive, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, abnormal results associated with unhealthy lifestyles.

In recent years, cervical disorders is rising, and significantly among the younger population; Studies have shown that long-term desk workers are more likely (4 times to 6 times than normal) to suffer from cervical spondylosis.

The survey also shows that more than 90% of female have health problems, breast diseases and gynecological diseases are still the two killers of women’s health.

Reference Link: http://tech.china.com.cn/it/20130415/5877.shtml

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