9 Major Missions Set by new Premier Li, Keqiang

Premier Li Keqiang yesterday chaired the first executive meeting of the new session of the State Council, the focus of the meeting is to pay close attention to the transformation of government functions by implementing the tasks which are specified as 9 major missions:
(1) To simplify or reduce a number of investment approval matters which is to be completed in time, and to release a revised project directory of government approved investment.

(2) To grant subsidies and other support to the local projects.

(3) Cancellation and decentralization of a number of production operations licensing procedures, approval procedures for a number of institutions.

(4) Except clearly defined by laws, administrative regulations or the State Council, current appraisal, evaluation and inspection activities will be cancelled.

(5) To reduce or to combine a number of special financial transfer payments, to grant a number of special transfer payments for local management projects.

(6) To enact a proposal to relax the conditions of industrial and commercial registration.

(7) To cancel a number of administrative and institutional fees and government funds.

(8) To enact a proposal of direct registration system for the society organizations and industry associations.

(9) To integrate housing, woodland, grassland and land registration duties and to integrate the duties of urban basic medical insurance, basic medical insurance for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical insurance.

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