86-year-old man planted 1,200 opium poppy

86-year-old man planted 1,200 opium poppy

Ma, lives in Jiangnan Street, Linhai City. His own open space was filled by more than 1,200 poppy which were out of a blossom in the mid-spring season.

When the police found the man, the police almost thought they had made ​​a mistake – the illegal poppy suspect turned out to be a 86-year-old man.

Facing the question of the police, Ma felt more being shabbily treated: “This is what the doctor gave me, the herbal that cures bronchitis, why it can’t be planted?”

The police got to know that Ma was healthy, but suffered from bronchitis, he sought medical treatment but with no effect of benefits. Last year, a quack gave him a packet of “magic pill”, and said that drinking the tea mixed with the pills can ease the symptoms of bronchitis, and according to the quack long-term drinking will make the cure of the bronchitis possible.

This “magic pill”, that were like a few seeds sold in supermarkets. In accordance with the quack’s advice, Ma started drinking the tea which turned out to be effective. When Ma quickly requested to buy a few packs the quack simply sold him the seeds, claiming that he needed to went around to serve people and thus asked him to plant the seeds.

In spring of this year, Ma planted a packet of seeds. In April, the “herbal” plants were all flowering  with bright red, neighbors who knew about opium poppy quickly made a telephone call to the Jiangnan Street police station.

Until police arrived on the scene to clear opium poppy, Ma still didn’t understand why the geniuses “seeds” turned out to be opium poppy.

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